Gemini 2.1 Metadata Validator

Validate ISO 19139 metadata resources against UK Gemini 2.1 standard for INSPIRE

Validate XML

Paste your ISO 19139 metadata resource in the text field below

Validate a CSW

Paste the URL for a POST GetRecords CSW request in the text field below

Validate a WAF

Paste the URL for a WAF in the text field below, e.g.

Validate a Zip file

Choose a Zip file of ISO 19139 metadata files

Web service

A client can get an XML document validated by:

  • HTTP POST to the current URL
  • Request body is an ISO 19139 XML document
  • Content-Type header set to application/vnd.iso.19139+xml
  • Accept header set to application/xml
Metadata records are being validated and a Zip file of results is being downloaded.